LIFE™ Surgical Hemostasis Portfolio

Our LIFE™ Surgical Platform is uniquely expandable across multiple product formats, enabling innovative bleeding control tools for a variety of bleeding types and situations.


Surgical blood loss can lead to complications in the operating room that include increased procedure time and costs, blood transfusions, and infections. Our Life™ Surgical Platform of options is being engineered to solve these problems. Hydrophobic modifications to Medcura’s base hemostatic material make it uniquely  adaptable to customize into many form factors, making it a pioneering first in its class, for unparalleled versatility. By leveraging the same base hemostatic material across many formats, Medcura can accelerate product development and shorten regulatory timelines for product extensions.

The first and only absorbable hemostatic agent to receive an FDA breakthrough designation.

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Military & Trauma Products

Uncontrolled hemorrhage is the leading cause of death in military and trauma-related fatalities.* Medcura has published feasibility studies and secured grants from the US government to develop new strategies to address this large, unmet market need.

Consumer Products

The bleeding control benefits of our hemostasis platform are now available at major retailers across the U.S., for in-home wound management. Explore our range of over-the-counter consumer products, below.

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LifeGel and its application tips are currently in development. All intended uses and/or indications for use for this medical device and its application tips have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.

LIFE Military Portfolio formats, including application devices and tips are currently in development or feasibility. All intended uses and/or indications for use for these medical devices have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.


* Data on file at Medcura. Based on initial and ongoing development and testing.