Hemostatic Battlefield Putty

LifePutty - Military
LifePutty - Military


LifePutty Military is a ready to use, moldable and resorbable putty composed of modified chitosan. It is designed to be used to stabilize bleeding during prolonged field care; or as a “smart” temporary dressing at the site of injury.

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How Does
LifePutty - Military

By providing a matrix for platelet adhesion and aggregation, on contact with fluids, the modified chitosan putty allow for muco-adhesion of chitosan to wet, biological tissue, creating a barrier that is impermeable to blood and microbes.*

LifePutty - Military
& Benefits*

LifePutty - Military
is designed for

  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy to mold and pack
  • Designed to fill large cavities in non-compressible wounds
  • Engineered for severe, internal traumatic hemorrhage
  • Inserted through small wound openings/incisions
  • Easy removal of excess material
  • Offers inherent antimicrobial properties of chitosan

LifePutty - Military
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LifePutty - Military

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Surgical blood loss can lead to complications in the operating room, including increased mortality, morbidity, blood transfusions, infections, longer procedure time and cost. Our LIFE™ Surgical Portfolio of hemostasis options is engineered to solve these problems. We strive to provide safe, efficacious, and cost-effective hemostasis tools for minor, minimal, and moderate surgical bleeding.

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LifeGel and other LIFE Surgical Portfolio formats, including application devices and tips are currently in development or feasibility. All intended uses and/or indications for use for these medical devices have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.

LifePutty Military, is currently in development or feasibility. All intended uses and/or indications for this medical device have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.


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*Data on file at Medcura. Based on initial and ongoing development and testing.