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At Medcura, our breakthrough biopolymer technologies are redefining hemostasis with solutions designed to address real problems — for patients, surgeons, and payers.


Disruptive Surgical technology platform

Our novel hemostasis portfolio of products is created from natural, hydrophobically modified biomaterials designed to stop minimal, mild and moderate surgical bleeding. Medcura products achieve hemostasis by mechanical means, coating the bleeding site via the process of mucoadhesion.

Medcura’s proprietary biomaterial platform is engineered to provide safe, effective, and lower cost bleeding management solutions*,** — with the potential to pass savings from the manufacturer to providers with cost-effective and strategic-purchasing opportunities.

Universally affordable

Dig deeper into the science to understand how to optimize bleeding control and patient care at a lower cost to providers and payers.

the new backbone for spine surgery and the $2.5B hemostasis market1

FDA Breakthrough Device Designation: for surgical procedures where swelling cannot be tolerated. 2

Current and popular hemostatic flowable technologies swell.3-10 For complex medical procedures, hemostatic agent swelling can cause nerve injury and even paralysis when used in confined areas.5

For highly specialized surgical procedures like surgeries of the spine, Medcura's LifeGel™ is the first and only flowable hemostatic gel designed to address challenges specific to hemostatic swelling—effectively reducing the risk of major adverse events like nerve injury and paralysis, especially when used in confined spaces, which can be caused by hemostatic agent swelling during spine surgery.6  LifeGel is under active development.

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Jim Buck

President, CEO & Director

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LifeGel and its application tips are currently in development. All intended uses and/or indications for use for this medical device and its application tips have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.


*  Data on file at Medcura. Ongoing exploratory/development testing for safety and  performance.

** Data on file at Medcura. Ongoing research for time and cost efficiencies.

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