Renowned Hemostat Innovator Joins Medcura to Drive Clinical Studies, Regulatory Pursuits

February 21, 2023
Renowned Hemostat Innovator Joins Medcura to Drive Clinical Studies, Regulatory Pursuits

RIVERDALE, MD., February 21, 2023– Medcura, Inc. welcomes Rachel Hoffman as its new Senior Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs. With over 15 years of experience, working on dozens of hemostatic devices across the full spectrum of development, Hoffman embodies powerful leadership to drive the company's technologies forward through clinical studies and regulatory applications. Her role began in January 2023.Medcura develops first-of-their-kind hemostats with proprietary technology. These revolutionary surgical gels, foams, powders, and putties quickly stop internal bleeding in surgery, trauma centers, on the battlefield, and at home. LifeGel™ Absorbable Surgical Hemostat is the first and only surgical hemostatic agent to receive the FDA's coveted Breakthrough Device Designation, due to its important differentiating no-swelling innovation. LifeFoam™ is a recipient of the FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation and is recently cited in publications for having "significant potential" to save lives in military combat settings. Rapid-Seal™ is an antibacterial wound gel that is available at major retailers."Rachel Hoffman's extensive and highly successful track record of developing and executing surgical and other hemostatic agent clinical trials positions her to be the right executive to join Medcura at the right time," said Medcura CEO Jim Buck. "We will greatly benefit from her leadership as we enter human trials this year for our LifeGel™ Absorbable Surgical Hemostat, and extensive pre-clinical testing for our other surgical hemostatic platform products, LifeCoat™ Hemostatic Powder and LifeFoam™ Expanding Hemostatic Matrix."Prior to joining Medcura, Hoffman was the Vice President of Clinical Development and Global Head of Medical Device & Diagnostics at Syneos Health, one of the largest global Clinical Research Organizations (CRO). During her tenure there, she expanded the medical device practice from clinical operations to the full spectrum of development, including scientific consulting and regulatory affairs. Prior to Syneos Health, Hoffman was the Vice President of Clinical Operations for Biom'up and took HEMOBLAST™ Bellows from the lab through to commercialization. Previously, she has also held clinical operations and leadership positions at NAMSA and Artivion (formerly CryoLife). Hoffman has worked on hundreds of medical devices in translational research and developed regulatory strategies in a variety of stages. She holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University where she also worked on educational and community outreach programs for the youth of Durham, NC.

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