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Transforming the global hemostasis market

The global hemostasis market is large, growing and ripe for new transformational technologies.

We are pioneering an unoccupied market segment of “High Safety & Efficacy with Low Cost” hemostasis products. LifeGel™, our flagship flowable hemostat, is ready for pivotal FDA-mandated GLP studies and US human trials in early 2024.

Transforming the global hemostasis market

The global hemostasis market is large, growing, and ripe for novel technologies. Medcura is strategically positioned to fill a void in a massive segment of the global hemostasis product market, by raising the standard to include added quality, cost and time efficiencies.

The Medcura platform and its extraordinary potential to optimize outcomes and economics is poised to disrupt a multi-billion dollar market and improve healthcare for professionals and their patients, globally. The portfolio is focused on providing access to hemostatic formats that will compete in ~85% of the $2.5 billion global surgical hemostasis market.1*

LifeGel™ Absorbable Hemostatic Gel, Medcura’s flagship flowable hemostatic agent, is in gear to begin preclinical and clinical studies in 2024.

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LifeGel and its application tips are currently in development. All intended uses and/or indications for use for this medical device and its application tips have not been cleared or approved by the FDA.