New Medcura SVP Positions LifeGel™ Surgical Hemostat for Market Leadership

September 15, 2022
New Medcura SVP Positions LifeGel™ Surgical Hemostat for Market Leadership

RIVERDALE, Md. (September 15, 2022) – Medcura Inc welcomes Steve Ford, its new Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, whose two-plus decades of experience leading and contributing to over 75 product development teams, and launching more than 100 medical devices globally, helps position the commercial-stage life science and medical device company for broad market adoption and rapid platform expansion.The proprietary technology invented by Medcura is the platform for a variety of first-of-their-kind products that quickly stops bleeding in surgery, trauma centers, on the battlefield and at-home. Those products include surgical gels, foams, powders and putties such as LifeGel™ Absorbable Surgical Hemostat, LifeFoam™—recently cited in research as having "significant potential" to save lives in military combat settings—and at-home consumer products such as the antibacterial wound gel Rapid-Seal™ available at major retailers.After consulting with Medcura for over four years, Ford brings to his new full-time role his 25 years of experience in the biosurgicals and bleeding management industry, having launched and managed 70 percent of the hemostat brands in the U.S. and directing the global marketing for several successful companies in the field."Bleeding is the number one cause of death in trauma incidents and military combat settings. In surgery, uncontrolled bleeding can lead to increased cost, operative time, blood transfusions and infection. Development of new and improved hemostatic agents is helping to save lives and improve critical surgeries, that's why I love working in this field," Ford said. "Medcura has invented the most disruptive technology platform to hit the market in the last twenty years—the ability to handle a moderate bleed at half the cost of traditional thrombin-based hemostatic agents, ready-to-use with no preparation needed for surgeons when every second counts, and already producing promising research results. I'm thrilled to join the Medcura team and bring their life-changing and saving products to the global market."Ford previously served at Baxter International Inc. in various roles including Global Director of Marketing for Hemostasis and OrthoBiologics, and Senior Director for both BioSurgery Strategy and Innovation and BioScience Device Development. He served as Worldwide Marketing Director of General Surgery at Ethicon, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson, and most recently as Vice President of Marketing at Biom'up USA, Inc., where he co-led the successful launch of their surgical hemostat."Steve's unparalleled experience in the fields of biosurgicals and surgical hemostats gives Medcura an advantageous position when combined with our unique platforms that we aim to place in the toolkit of every surgeon, military and civilian alike," said Medcura CEO Jim Buck. "We've built a team that combines the greatest advanced hemostasis scientists with an experienced biosurgicals executive management team together striving to significantly improve the future of surgical bleeding management."Medcura's product line is based on a proprietary matrix of fatty acids and polysaccharides found in the natural environment. These inert, non-toxic, and self-assembling biopolymers have been well characterized in scientific literature and cleared by the FDA for several impactful applications. Unlike the expensive-to-manufacture enzyme thrombin, commonly used in blood clotting products, Medcura products' active components are both low-cost and sustainable.

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