Medcura Launches a New Class of High-Performance, Antibacterial Hemostats online and through a leading drugstore in the U.S. market

July 12, 2021
Medcura Launches a New Class of High-Performance, Antibacterial Hemostats online and through a leading drugstore in the U.S. market

Riverdale, Md., July 12, 2021 – Medcura, Inc., a commercial-stage medical device company, in partnership with ASO, LLC, a major U.S. manufacturer and supplier of first aid products, announced today the launch of a high-performance, antibacterial hemostatic gel, Rapid-Seal®, available @ and on the shelves at a leading US drugstore chain.Medcura’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared wound gel enters the market as the first in a new class of products that provide rapid bleeding management and antibacterial capabilities to improve wound treatment, help fight infections of the wound and promote an environment for safe healing. Medcura custom designed this product to meet the market demand for a clear gel that can be easily and precisely applied, especially for irregular injuries where bandages can be inconvenient, and powders are messy and can cause discomfort. By combining more exact delivery and highly effective wound sealing, Medcura’s gel provides the consumer with greater per use value.Working with the marketing team at ASO, Medcura developed both travel (0.3 oz) and family size (0.5 oz) formats to readily fulfill customer needs. This market driven approach has led to single-use units that are planned to be available later this year, as well as coated bandage formats currently under development.“We’ve partnered with Medcura to bring affordable state of the art first aid products to the OTC retail marketplace.” said Ed Sinda Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ASO, LLC. “A product with the complimentary characteristics of advanced bleeding control and antimicrobial activity is simply not available from other manufacturers. We look forward to working with Medcura as they develop and launch more exciting health care products in a growing number of our channel partners.”This is the first in a line of Medcura’s next generation hemostatic and wound treatment products that are already FDA cleared (see or in development (see To support the cGMP manufacturing of materials for this growing product line, Medcura has operationalized its corporate headquarters (see serving as a foundational asset to support all future product releases. This required successful completion of a Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality System audit by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which provides a basis for Medcura to expand its product line to implantable solutions for surgical applications (see“We plan to build on this success by leveraging the versatility of our platform to deliver an expanding portfolio of products that have Medcura’s proven capabilities to seal and treat all manner of injuries and clinical procedures.” said, Larry Tiffany, CEO of Medcura. “Now more than ever we’re convinced that our products can impact the lives of patients and their caregivers, This is merely the first step for Medcura as we’re intent on bringing the same game-changing technology to the clinic, the operating room and even the battlefield.”

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