Medcura, Inc., Announces Move to Facility in Riverdale, Maryland Support Growth

April 17, 2020
Medcura, Inc., Announces Move to Facility in Riverdale, Maryland Support Growth

Medcura chose the Discovery District, a growing center for technology and innovation, where high-tech companies can build businesses that develop, manufacture and commercialize disruptive new products. The Company worked with Terrapin Development and St. John Properties to design and deliver a facility that can house product development, manufacturing and leadership functions that will support commercialization of consumer, clinical, surgical and military applications of its proprietary platform. The Company intends to manufacture core cGMP compliant hemostatic and wound treatment materials at a scale necessary for commercial launch and in support of the clinical development of implantable devices."Expanding into this new plant is just the next stage in our growth arc," said Larry Tiffany, Chief Executive Officer. "These new headquarters give the Company state-of-the art manufacturing and R&D labs, while providing a new corporate home where our growing team can build a successful business. By co-locating our product development and manufacturing, we can now more effectively integrate innovations in our chemistry, product design, and means of delivery across our commercial product lines.""We're thrilled that Medcura has joined a growing group of innovative and entrepreneurial companies that are creating jobs in multiple high-tech industries and are the foundation of our thriving Discovery District," said Ken Ullman, Chief Strategy Officer for Economic Development at the University of Maryland. "Our goal is to foster the rapid growth of companies like Medcura that are started at the University of Maryland and mature to commercialize disruptive new technologies while helping to transform our community."This new plant provides an ideal footprint for the Company's expanding business. The manufacturing lab (see pictures enclosed), is over four times larger than the Company's prior accommodations and provides strict isolation for the manufacture of commercial materials while the Company continues to innovate across the hall in an advanced R&D lab.Moving into this new facility is quite timely, as the Company evaluates co-development opportunities with some of the world's largest healthcare companies. These relationships are based on coating Medcura's high-performance materials onto, or infusing them into, market-leading products. By improving the performance of a partner's product line, particularly in bleeding environments where the patient's own clotting ability is compromised, these relationships can deliver increased clinical productivity and patient outcomes through decisive and cost-effective bleeding management in an antibacterial environment.

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