Medcura Expands Patent Estate

January 21, 2019
Medcura Expands Patent Estate

Medcura announces the issuance of United States Patent Number 10,179,145 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which broadly claims and discloses uses of the Company’s core technology.This new issuance expands the Company’s patent estate which covers bandages, gels, foams, and powders for the treatment of wounds and the rapid management of bleeding. This intellectual property, in combination with Medcura’s deep process know-how, protects a broad range of products designed to enable effective hemostasis (the process which causes bleeding to stop) through easy-to-use applications for professional healthcare providers, caregivers, and consumers. This new patent covers the use of Medcura’s core technology, that has been integrated into the Company’s currently cleared products – Vascular gel-e and gele FLEX. See“These claims provide the next level of exclusivity around our technology, further protecting our platform and growing line of products,” said Larry Tiffany, Chief Executive Officer of Medcura. “These intellectual property rights are a significant next step in the evolution of our patent estate, and quite timely given our plans to commercialize Vascular gel-e and gel-e FLEX products for clinical and consumer applications.” Medcura’s line of high-performance products is enabled by a technology platform which enhances the natural characteristics of highly abundant polysaccharides. Through proprietary modifications, our advanced biopolymers are designed to be durable, biocompatible, and highly functional, such that it can also be infused into, or onto, market leading products to improve their hemostatic performance.

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