Distinguished Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Abbas Ardehali Joins Medcura's Board of Directors

June 1, 2023
Distinguished Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Abbas Ardehali Joins Medcura's Board of Directors

RIVERDALE, Md., June 1, 2023 - Medcura Inc. welcomes Dr. Abbas Ardehali to its Board of Directors. Dr. Ardehali is a professor of surgery and medicine in the division of cardiothoracic surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Ardehali also serves as director of the UCLA Heart and Lung Transplant program.Medcura's flagship product, LifeGel™ Absorbable Surgical Hemostat, is the first and only surgical hemostatic agent to receive the FDA's coveted Breakthrough Device Designation, due to its important differentiating no-swelling innovation. This no-swell feature is especially important in spine and cardiothoracic surgery where current swelling hemostatic agents have been known to cause adverse events including nerve damage and paralysis.Medcura's CEO, Jim Buck, is looking forward to Dr. Ardehali's contributions to getting LifeGel™ into the hands of his fellow surgeons. "Dr. Ardehali is a fantastic addition to our board of directors. As a cardiothoracic surgeon, he has substantial clinical and FDA trial experience with hemostatic agents. Although spinal surgery will be our primary focus, Medcura anticipates strong demand for LifeGel in cardiothoracic surgery. LifeGel™, which is antimicrobial, could be very valuable for the management of bleeding at the sternal edge and in pacemaker pockets where infections are a major issue."Ardehali exclaims, "I am thrilled to join Medcura's Board of Directors. Medcura has created a very innovative hemostasis platform that has the potential to transform the surgical hemostasis market. LifeGel™ holds an exciting new technology that will be well suited for cardiothoracic surgery."Medcura develops first-of-their-kind hemostatic products based on its proprietary biopolymer platform. These revolutionary surgical gels, foams, powders, films and putties are designed to quickly stop internal bleeding in surgery, trauma centers, and even on the battlefield. In example. Medcura's LifeFoam™, also a recipient of the FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation, has recently been cited in peer-reviewed publications for having "significant potential" to save lives in military combat settings. Medcura has also leveraged this platform to develop products for everyday use like Rapid-Seal™, an antibacterial wound gel, available at major retailers and Seal It, the first non-stinging high performance wound gel for pets that includes an anti-lick technology, Bitrix®.

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